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Scan the QR code below to jump over to my Photo Studio. Find a colorful, magical addition to your home or office. These prints are high quality, professionally printed at Bay Photo Labs, and drop shipped directly to you within fourteen days (usually within ten). First-time buyers enjoy 10% off—an additional 10% off for repeat buyers. Buy quantity and save more, 30% off $500+ purchases. Coupons can be found in the studio.                                              
If you find an image here but not at my studio, contact me ›››››››››»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»›››››››››››▶  with the catalog # (see it when you click on an image). I'll put it up in the studio and let you know when it's ready. We accept most forms of payment.
Thank you!
MKHurder's GoDaddy Photo Studio for digital purchasing.
To purchase digital copies of my art, visit my GoDaddy Studio.  Scan the QR Code below.  Here you can save money buying a high-resolution jpeg of all my photos.  Most sell for $50, and some for $75.  Each image comes with a license. You needn't fear taking them to your favorite lab for printing and framing.   Images like these will brighten up your home or office.  Discounts are available here also.

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I've listed my latest releases just below. Clicking the image will open a new browser tab in the collection itself if it's a one-off or on the main page of that collection if it's part of a series. If you end up on the main page of a collection series, scroll down to the header and date of the new release as it appears below.
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DelValle 2022 #1
Digital Art #3
Digital Art #2
Digital Art #1
Oakland Zoo
Tesla-Discovery Park #2
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Here you'll find a recent favorite collection, an "About me" section, and a blurb about how to buy my images.  At the top of my Home page, you'll also find more links to the same collections listed below.  Have fun.
NOTE: Collections are listed alphabetically here but chronologically on the actual collection page.
* Along the PCH
* Happiness Surrounds Me
* Landscapes in my eye
* Point Reyes and Tomales Point
* Raptors
* Trains by Popi
* Zoofari
This collection is for digitally enhanced images
* February 2022
* January 2022
* December 2021
* November 2021
This collection highlights the USA
* Livermore's Fourth of July -2019
* Livermore's Memorial Day - 2018
* My America - a video/slideshow
* One More Day - A tribute to Prince
* San Diego Harbor - The US Navy
* San Francisco hosts the Blue Angels
This collection is all about Livermore and the Tri-Valley
* DelValle 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022
* Holdener Park 2019
* Livermore 2019
* Shadow Cliffs 2019, 2020, & 2021
* Sunol Wilderness
* Sycamore Grove 2019, & 2021​​​​​​​
* Tesla Discovery Park 2019, & 2021
* Tri-Valley Gorgeous 2019
This collection is about and for my family and is password protected
This collection is about my travels and Photo Trips
* A ferry view of the bay 2018
* Bidwell-Sacramento River State Park 2018
* Big Boy #4014 2019
* Buckley Cove 2019
* Devil's Slide and Half Moon Bay 2019
* Hawk Hill - Marin Headlands 2021
* Hayward Shoreline 2019 & 2020
* In search of Eagles 2021
* Ireland 2019
* Jenner by the Sea 2020 #1, & #2
* Niles Canyon Railway 2020
* Oakland Zoo 2018
* Pacific Coast Highway 2019 & 2021
* Palace of Fine Arts 2019
* Pinnacles National Park 2019
* Point Reyes & Tomales Point 2021
* Point Reyes/Galactic Core 2018
* Point Reyes to Jenner 2018
* San Diego 2018
* Santa Cruz 2018
* Sea World San Diego 2018
* Staten Island Nature Preserve 2019​​​​​​​
* Wavecrest Open Space 2021
* Uvas Canyon County Park 2021
Videos & Slideshows

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