Trains by Popi
My grandson, Liam and I, enjoy a deep love of all things Train-related.  We've been to many a museum, commented whenever we heard that unmistakable sound of a train whistle or blare of a train horn,  We've called out what type train it is that's passing by. I've had the good fortune to go on several train-themed photo shoots.  The following is the result of three years of shooting trains around California's track.  
For you, Liam - and for me.😊

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This video/slideshow is a compilation of three beautiful trips to the Oakland Zoo in California.  My two oldest grandkids, Scott and Emersyn, accompanied me on the first one. 
I am a proponent of the work most Zoos do today regarding the preservation of habitat and the various endangered species and the housing/caring for the wilder co-inhabitants of this earth.  I am a contributing member of the Oakland Zoo family and will continue to support them. The efforts made at Oakland Zoo, and other facilities, are having a profoundly positive impact on the planetwide sustainability of all species in the animal kingdom.
Please put on your safari jackets, and let's go.

Along the PCH
I've said it before; the sea is my spinach.  There's just something about the air, the sound, the feel of being at the coast that energizes me. This slideshow is the result of four years of prefessional shooting along the Pacific Coast Highway.  it's just a small collection of the frames from those trips.
I go to the woods to lose my mind, and the sea to find it.
Lnadscapes in my Eye
Landscapes are what attracted me to photography in the first place. There is so much beauty in the world around us, yet we sometimes skip right by it without notice. This phenomenon caught my attention in 2017 while I road past a scene in Livermore. CA, my hometown. I recall wondering how I'd never noticed before how gorgeous the earth can be. If we just opened our eyes.
That revelation ispired me to go to school and learn how to properly capture this beauty on film.
Can you see it?
What started out as an obsession with the myriad natural landscapes in California quickly morphed into a quest to captiure as many of this state's raptors as I could find while traveling to and in those beautiful venues. To be sure, these air borne hunters and fishers were just the beginning of my feathered imaging fantasies, but what a beginning it was...
Happiness Surrounds Me
Livermore, CA is my hometown and there are few places on earth better sutied to a photographer's whims. 
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